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Armenian National Archive will publish digitized materials on Armenian Genocide in Internet

Armenian National Archive will publish digitized materials on Armenian Genocide in Internet

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 25, ARMENPRESS: The Armenian National Archive carries out digitalization of the Archive's documents and creation of an electronic database. In 2013 the administration of the Archive intends to make the important Armenian Genocide-related documents available in the Internet. To get acquainted with the digitalization works process and the programs implemented by the National Archive of Armenia, Armenpress's correspondent interviewed the Director of the Armenian National Archive Amatuni Virabyan.

- In what stage the digitalization works of the National Archive are and how many materials have been digitized by now?

- By the result of the first semester of the year 2012 54,299 pages of documents have been digitized. In general, 112,669 pages of documents have been digitized by now. By the way, after the digitalization some documents, related to the Armenian Genocide and having propagandistic importance, will be published in the Internet. Due to the powerful equipment, obtained in 2011, the process of documents' digitalization has become more efficient. 50,370 pages of documents have been digitized. For comparison, I would like to mention that by 2010 only 8,000 pages of documents in paper carrier had been digitized.

- How does the digitalization process of the films and photos go?

- Concerning the cinema-, photo-, phono-documents, due to the digitalization equipment, obtained from France, we have already digitized 2,013 documentaries. The digitalization process of the Armenian production feature films is carried out according to the agreement signed with Armenfilm Movie Studio, in the framework of which 415 movies will be digitized. The National Archive of Armenia intends to digitize the Armenian movies of the Soviet time, which are currently preserved in Mosfilm Film Studio. At present we can announce that all the issues of the Soviet Armenia documentaries of 1940-1982 have been digitized. 3,742 photo storage units have been digitized by now, which were on glass base. The process is very laborious and demands professional skills. 1,519 phono-documents have been digitized, including the recordings of the National Assembly sessions of 1989-1997. Every year the National Archive of Armenia is supplemented with new documents, which conditions the continuation of the documents' digitalization process.

- What programs do you plan to implement next year?

- In 2013 it is intended to establish the optimization program of the territorial subdivisions of the Archive and begin its implementation, as well as establish an internal computer network between the Archive and the territorial subdivisions, publish the Archive's documents related to the Armenian Genocide dated to its 100th anniversary, translate them into foreign languages and continue the digitalization process.

- What problems does the Armenian National Archive have?

- One of the problems of the National Archive, demanding urgent settlement, is the upgrading of the computer equipment, installation of ventilation system in the archive depositories of the territorial subdivisions, implementation of waterproofing works in the underground archive depositories and other technical upgrades.

Interviewed by Hakob Vardanyan


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