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Bombs reached the Armenian nursing home of Aleppo

Bombs reached the Armenian nursing home of Aleppo

YEREVAN, AUGUST 27, ARMENPRESS: Since the morning of August 27 there are not shootings in Aleppo but it does not mean that everything has normalized. Armenpress was informed about this from the press secretary of Armenian National primacy of Aleppo Jirayr Reisyan. He added that the situation in the city during the weekend was rather tensioned. ;On Saturday there were heard bombings, shootings, there were also bombs which fell on Armenian districts in result of which an Armenian young man was wounded and died: yesterday took place his funeral. Among the wounded people were other Armenians who are now in better conditions” mentioned Reisyan. He informed that the bombs also reached the Armenian nursing house which seems to be order between opposition and governmental forces. However, Reisyan assured that old men are safe in the nursing house and there is not any danger any more.

;Many buildings, shops, parks have suffered from bombings in Aleppo. In the region of Jdeyde which is one of historical districts of Aleppo the harassments go on and it can not be considered as a peace region any more” he mentioned.

Speaking about the balance of forces between governmental and opposition forces Reisyan mentioned that it is impossible to present the clear balance of forces by such clashes. “There are districts which are under control of opposition and vise versa. As a whole the city is under control of state” highlighted Reisyan.He added that vast majority of districts which have great number of Armenian population are under the control of the state.

In result of clashes between opposition and Governmental forces in Syria more than ten Armenians have died and two of them were soldiers of Syrian Army. During the last period representatives of Armenian community of Syria also began to leave the country. The applications submitted from Syria by our compatriots are being envisaged by accelerated procedure, at least within ten days. 41 families consisting of 76 members have applied to migration service of Armenia in order to get habitation and already 27 families have got temporary habitations. 

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