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Greatest miracle is to spend New Year holidays with my family, Ashotyan says


The state officials do not have enough time to speak about holidays, issues, feelings but Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan believes that the non-official condition of many-many officials make them more attractive and interesting for the society. Armenpress news agency presents Ashotyan’s attitude toward New Year, miracles associated with this holiday.


- Mr. Ashotyan what feelings and recollections do you tie with the New Year?


- New Year is like a fairy-tale period coming to us from our childhood and attracts us fully. During the childhood years we seemed to live from New Year to New Year. They were tops of childhood happiness sealed in our memories as sweet, “awesomely” sweet memories. And today there is a quite another status: I am the organizer and responsible for the New Year events for my two sons. Both of them have already written letters to Santa Claus, the elder tried to write it on his own, the small dictated his mother. I and my wife as well as grandmas and grandpas will do everything to make this holiday special for them.


- Mr. Ashotyan, New Year has a special sacrament. On this day people make wishes, believe in miracles. Do you believe in New Year miracle? 


- The greatest miracle for me is that I will stay with my family as much as I can for the second time after summer holidays. It has become a real miracle to me.


- Is there a dream, a wish you make each New Year so that it comes true?


- I have dreams actual for each year. These are mainly wishes – health to my relatives, friends, family members, health, health and only health, the rest you may earn, work, create. I also wish my relatives not to have losses in their lives and environment.

- This holiday is also accompanied with New Year worries, among them is shopping. Do you participate in New Year shopping?

- It is the first year when I am marking the holiday with my wife and two children in a separate house. Before it I was living together with my parents, brother and naturally the responsibility was much less there and everyone was engaged in shopping. For the first time I am formally responsible for the organization of the holidays. The number one issue was buying New Year tree and decorations. The other important thing is to choose gifts. The rest may be done without me.

- Everyone loves getting presents. There are also presents which are being remembered throughout the life.

- I like getting presents very much and I love to give presents. I remember the gifts I got in my childhood years as it seems like during the years the feelings are flattened and everything becomes common.

- What will you wish the people in New Year?

- I will wish them to be patient and optimistic toward the state and the country. I wish each person happiness and health in their homes as if a person is not happy at home it is difficult to reach success outside of it.

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