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“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC: Seeds for the Future program closing ceremony  

“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC: Seeds for the Future program closing ceremony


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 3, ARMENPRESS. The closing of Seeds For The Future program took place on October 21, online, due to the COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

Their words of congratulation and motivation presented Mr. Vahan Hovsepyan, Adviser to Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia, Mr. Alexandr Yesayan, Shareholder of Telecom Armenia, Mr. Ara Khachatryan, CEO of Ucom, and Mr. Chen Liang, GM of Huawei Technologies Armenia.

Mr. Vahan Hovsepyan appreciated the students for their participation in the program: “I want to thank Huawei to bring this prominent opportunity for students in Armenia. We welcome technological companies to share their knowledge and skills with the students. I believe this will be the next step for our future leaders to help us to create new economy that is suitable for the innovations and development”.

Shareholder of Telecom Armenia, Mr. Alexandr Yesayan started his closing speech with the gratitude words for having the opportunity to address his speech for the closing ceremony.

“I am sure Huawei is the company that achieved huge success globally and it’s really inspiring how this company grown for the last years and I am sure this is because of research and development investment that Huawei took on their shoulders and achieved tremendous success on the technological advancement.”

Mr. Yesayan mentioned that Armenia nowadays is very well positioned in the technological advancement: “This is one of the opportunities in our country and people like you need to learn from the leading companies in the world, to see where to invest your time and efforts to achieve success, because your success is our country’s success”.

Mr. Alexandr Yesayan thanked Huawei and the whole organizing team for this kind of program be accessible also in Armenia.

The CEO of Ucom, Mr. Ara Khachatryan started his speech by welcoming the participants of the program and congratulated on the event held during the tough period of Covid19 and after-war.

“The current situation shall not be an obstacle as not to speak about the innovation, stable development and international cooperation in Armenia.

Thank you for starting this important initiative in our country.

Ucom is always following the global technical developments. Today, there is a need of specialists with fresh ideas, innovative solutions and who want to surpass the requirements and expectations of the new generation not only in our sphere but in any business sphere”.

Mr. Khachatryan mentioned, that it was difficult to manage such programs in Armenia many years ago, but now the chances are many and technical companies including Huawei, Ucom are hosting such programs on the strategic level”.

Once again congratulations on hosting “Future seeds” online program and wishing success to everyone on your current challenging but very interesting way.

The closing ceremony speech was summed up by Mr. Chen Liang, Huawei Technologies Armenia General Director. He has congratulated the participants and wished them to move forward and be patient to reach success they aim.

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