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‘Erdogan is trying to create something like Ottoman Caliphate’ – Noam Chomsky on Artsakh issue

‘Erdogan is trying to create something like Ottoman Caliphate’ – Noam Chomsky on Artsakh 

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 11, ARMENPRESS. American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist and historian Noam Chomsky has commented on the recent military aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan with the support of Turkey against the Republic of Artsakh, stating that “Erdogan is trying to create something like the Ottoman Caliphate”, Armenpress reports citing The Armenian Weekly.

The historian gave an interview to the founder and director of the US-based Alternative Radio Davit Barsamian.

In an interview Noam Chomsky said the immediate crisis came when Azerbaijan, surely with Turkish backing, Israeli arms pouring in. And the Azerbaijani armed forces are killing the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh with these weapons.

“Erdogan in Turkey is basically trying to create something like the Ottoman Caliphate, with him as caliph, supreme leader, throwing his weight around all over the place, and destroying the remnants of democracy in Turkey at the same time. Israel is interested only in selling arms. They’ll sell them to everybody no matter who they’re killing”, the historian said, adding that there’s plenty of malevolent forces involved.  “We can only hope that there will be some kind of international effort to dampen down the atrocities and the aggression before it really explodes into massive massacres on the scene and, possibly, international war”.

Commenting on Barsamian’s observation that Turkey has sent ISIS jihadi mercenaries from Syria to Azerbaijan to fight against Armenians, Mr. Chomsky said “that’s apparently true”. “Turkey’s probably doing the same in Libya, one of the other places where Erdogan is trying to show his power. Yes, that’s reported in Azerbaijan”, he said.

In conclusion Noam Chomsky said international efforts should be made to stop the current aggression and try to find some way to resolve the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. “It’s not an easy one to resolve, but through reasonable negotiations that could be an outcome that is possible”, the historian added.

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