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ARMENPRESS sums up key events of the week

ARMENPRESS sums up key events of the week

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 10, ARMENPRESS. ARMENPRESS state news agency presents the most interesting and key events of the passing week.



Azerbaijan bombarding Artsakh’s civilian settlements, including Stepanakert city

3 civilians dead in Artsakh as Azerbaijan launches aerial bombardment of Martakert town

BREAKING: Town of Hadrut under bombardment as Azerbaijani forces continue striking civilians

BREAKING: Azerbaijani forces fire Smerch heavy rocket launcher at Artsakh civilians

10 first-responders of Artsakh Rescue Service wounded in Azeri bombardment of Stepanakert

There are injured civilians in Stepanakert, information about victims still being clarified

Recent bombing of Stepanakert by Azerbaijan killed 1 civilian

Stepanakert out of electricity – Azerbaijan targets electricity network building

Azerbaijan shells Armenia military base across state border amid ongoing attack on Karabakh

Turkey-backed Azerbaijan expanding hostilities to Armenia, bombs Vardenis killing civilian

Azerbaijani drone strikes village in Armenia, killing a civilian

4 hostile UAVs infiltrate into the Republic of Armenia, 3 already downed – PM Pashinyan

Armenia downs 4th hostile UAV

Armenia Armed Forces brought to highest combat readiness level, troops supplemented

Defense Ministry of Armenia sums up losses of Azerbaijan

Armenian Defense Ministry releases footage showing destruction of entire Azerbaijani unit

Artsakh destroys Azerbaijani convoy with full ammunition

Azerbaijan suffers heavy losses, including TOS-1A launcher

Artsakh destroys "Smerch" and "Uragan'' multiple launch rocket systems

Artsakh shoots down one more Azeri military jet

Downed Azeri warplanes include two SU-25s, one “newer generation jet”

Azerbaijan suffers nearly 830 losses in manpower amid attack on Artsakh

540 Azerbaijani soldiers killed in one day

3 Azeri warplanes shot down within 20 minutes as fierce battles continue

Artsakh reports striking “large formation” of Azeri attacking armored hardware


Karabakh President personally heads to frontline to join defense operations with troops



Nearly 4000 militants from Syria participate in Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh

Azerbaijan hired jihadist terrorists, militants from Syria to attack Artsakh – names released

Sharia Law, chaos and looting against Azerbaijani citizens –Baku’s plan to hire jihadists implodes

Syrian mercenary tells BBC how he was deceived by Turkey, Azerbaijan to fight against Armenians

Baku drugs own troops; Artsakh finds syringes in pockets of Azeri KIA soldiers proving war crime

Artsakh finds Israeli-made radio on killed adversary soldier,Arabic-language communication retrieved

Turkey also fights against Artsakh – President Arayik Harutyunyan


URGENT: Turkish F-16 shoots down Armenia jet in Armenian airspace

Turkey should be excluded from OSCE Minsk Group – Artsakh Foreign Ministry issues statement

Turkey takes over control of Azerbaijani air operations against Artsakh – Defense Ministry

Woman and child killed in Artsakh as Azerbaijan bombs civilian settlements, including schools

Another child killed in Artsakh by Azerbaijani fire

Artsakh declares martial law and universal mobilization

Armenia declares martial law, mobilization

Prime Minister Pashinyan addresses Armenians amid Azeri attack on Artsakh

All past actions of Azerbaijan indicate the attack on Artsakh was pre-planned, says PM Pashinyan

Armenia to present evidence to international community that Azerbaijan pre-planned the attack

Armenia considers officially recognizing independence of Nagorno Karabakh, Pashinyan says

‘Finally, our diplomacy recorded a major victory’ – Armenian PM says

PM Pashinyan addresses the nation

Ousting terrorists from region for ceasefire- Pashinyan talks with U.S. National Security Advisor 

‘Armenia is on a civilizational frontline’ – PM tells The Globe and Mail



Turkish F-16s back Azeri attack on Karabakh, Sarkissian says warning of Ottoman Empire's ghost



15 more Artsakh troops killed in action amid Azerbaijani offensive

CORRECTED: Artsakh military death toll climbs to 58 in Azerbaijani attack

Artsakh reports 26 more casualties

Artsakh army’s death toll climbs to 103 in ongoing Azeri attack

Artsakh military reports 54 more KIA amid Azerbaijani attacks as death toll mounts to 151

UPDATED: Artsakh Defense Army releases names of soldiers killed from Azerbaijani attack

Artsakh military reports additional 51 KIA

Legendary commander bestowed with title ‘’Hero of Artsakh’’ for occupying strategic heights

Armenia ex-military official charged with high treason on suspicion of spying for Azeri intelligence



Azeri shelling hits French reporters in Artsakh

Azerbaijani shelling targets AFP journalists crew in Artsakh

Azerbaijani shelling kills civilian accompanying Le-Monde’s reporters

Doctors of Artsakh manage to save life of severely injured French reporter

Russian, Armenian reporters and American volunteers come under Azeri artillery strikes in Artsakh

UN Security Council calls for immediate ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh

Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry satisfied with results of UNSC discussions on situation in contact line



Trump, Putin and Macron call for “immediate cessation of hostilities” in Nagorno Karabakh



Resume talks without preconditions – White House




I directly told Aliyev that nothing can justify Azerbaijani attacks against NK – Macron

Macron calls for NK ceasefire in phone talk with Aliyev



OSCE MG Co-chairs urge not to target civilians

Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry welcomes joint statement of leaders of OSCE MG Co-chair countries



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