Armenia in process of strengthening democratic institutions – Parliament Speaker

Armenpress 18:48, 18 July, 2019

YEREVAN, JULY 18, ARMENPRESS. President of the National Assembly of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan participated in the Leadership Forum Held in Washington, during which gave a speech.

As ARMENPRESS was informed from the press servic eof the parliament of Armenia, Mirzoyan particularly said,

''The rise of the authoritarianism has been already noted in the early 2000s across the globe. At the same time, we all understand very well that this global challenge has multi-faceted explanations, but if one is to pinpoint the main reason for this negative development, it will be the failure of the traditional democratic mechanisms to remain connected with the citizenry.

Before reasserting the independence of the legislature, we should also reassess the role and the reason for the independent legislature. Three centuries ago, one of the forefathers of American Constitution James Madison in the Federalist Papers, delved into the concept of the “pure democracy” and the “Republic”. He warns as of the adverse effects of the factionalism unchecked by the republic. This wisdom shines even stronger today when democratic institutions have been in place for a long time.

The peaceful, democratic April Revolution of 2018 in Armenia was single yet important victory over the consolidating authoritarianism. This popular movement came to re-establish the connection between the citizenry and its government. In 2018, the Armenian citizens conquered their right to choose their representatives in a free and fair election, a right that was denied too long for them. This fact has been recognized not only by our international partners but also by all the political forces in Armenia.

While the free and fair elections are the necessary condition for democracy, there is a long work in establishing the Republic in the Madisonian sense. The institutionalization of the democracy and asserting the role of the legislature in this process is paramount in order not to allow “factionalism” to ruin the very fabric of the democratic polity. In Armenia, we are currently pursuing this through reforming and strengthening the democratic institutions, where reversal of the democratic breakthrough will be unattainable.

The independent legislature of women and men is the backbone of any democracy. Through asserting the independence of the legislature, we vaccinate our democratic polities from infection of the factionalism. The independent and representative legislature on the one hand allows all the necessary channels for airing diversity political beliefs of our societies and on the other hand through institutional mechanism maintains the public debate in the counters of the republic.

To conclude, this bipartisan format of the House of Representatives sets an important example for other legislatures across the globe, to revisit and realize the concept that Madison has left to us. The independent legislative as a political institution remains the firm and yet agile shield that provides enough resolute to withstand the attacks of authoritarianism but also entails sufficient flexibility not to break under the internal pressure,” the Head of the Parliament noted.

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