Democratic countries will accept Armenia as a state with much higher rating – political scientist

Armenpress 15:31, 10 December, 2018

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 10, ARMENPRESS. Political scientist Garik Keryan, head of the department of political institutions and processes at the YSU faculty of international relations, says the results of yesterday’s snap parliamentary elections of Armenia were not a surprise for him.

He said no one questioned the victory of My Step alliance, and it was mainly clear who would be elected to the parliament.

“The future parliament will not be strictly polarized, we will not have forces against each other having radical political line. Both the Prosperous Armenia and the Bright Armenia parties have quite loyal attitude towards My Step bloc. Of course, the Bright Armenia was saying that it will be an oppositional political force, but in any case, it acted with the ruling force through the Yelk alliance, welcomed the revolution and has never made sharp criticism against the Civil Contract party. I fully accept that it can act as an opposition, but not radical one”, he said.

The political scientist stated that these elections were distinguished by being free and fair. “It’s clear that the democratic countries will accept Armenia as a state with much higher rating since the elections in Armenia are viewed as free and fair. Armenia will hold its relations with them by the image of a legitimate power, democratic country. I consider this a major positive step which can have its impact on reaching a progress on the Artsakh issue”, Garik Keryan said.

As for the parties and party blocs which were not elected to the Parliament, Garik Keryan said those parties, which have been formed months ago and received 1% of votes in the elections, need to take major actions in the future. According to the political scientist, if they have enough political will, they will try to develop themselves in the political processes in the next five years. But as for the parties with many years of experience, which were not elected to the Parliament, Garik Keryan said there is a need of major changes here.

“Here there is a need to think in terms of re-branding. If these political forces continue with the same political course and image in the coming years, with the same leaders, they will not get these 2-3% during next elections. Of course, everything depends on what success the current leadership will have on the Artsakh conflict settlement process and in terms of the improvement of social condition. All these will affect the rating of both the extra-parliamentary opposition forces and the ruling party”, he said.


Early parliamentary elections were held in Armenia on December 9.

The Central Electoral Commission released the preliminary results:

-The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) received 4.7% or 59068 votes

-Citizen’s Decision Social-Democratic party received 0.68% or 8533 votes

-The ARF received 3.89% or 48822 votes

-My Step Alliance received 70.44% or 884849 votes

-Bright Armenia party got 6.37% or 80049 votes

-Christian-Democratic Rebirth party received 0.51% or 6460 votes

-National Progress party received 0.33% or 4122 votes

-We alliance – 2% or 25174 votes

-Rule of Law party – 0.99% or 12390 votes

-Sasna Tsrer Pan-Armenian party – 1.82% or 22868 votes

-Prosperous Armenia party – 8.27% or 103837 votes

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan    

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