‘103 years after the Genocide Armenians proved to the whole world that light and good will win’ – President Sarkissian

Armenpress 10:38, 10 December, 2018

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 10, ARMENPRESS. 103 years after the Genocide Armenians have proved to the whole world that light and good will win, President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian said during the “Against the Crime of Genocide” Global Forum, reports Armenpress.

“Over the thousands of years of humanity we had both light victory and evidences of evil. The fight between black and white, light and darkness is active till now. The Forum, titled “Against the Crime of Genocide”, aims at fighting this evil side existing among the people”, the President said.

He noted that in the 21st century, in the era of rapidly developing events, everything that is taking place on the universe, good or bad, spreads very quickly, forms roots and has followers. “The greatest evil, the crime of genocide, unfortunately, also finds sources of nutrition. It’s obvious it will not stop existing if we do not fight against it”, Armen Sarkissian said.

He said there are few places in the world where such a Forum can be held, and unfortunately, Armenia is one of them since Armenians faced the pain of the genocide in the early 20th century.

“When I was thinking what symbolizes the genocide in Armenia, it was first of all the Armenian Genocide Museum, and also the memorial and the second one is this place, the Matenadaran. These are two temples, the one for the memory of those who have been lost and killed due to the actions of the Ottoman Empire, and the one is the Matenadaran, the temple of light, a place where we say Never Again. The Matenadaran says the light will eventually win the suffering, the loss of life, the death of millions of people. I believe that light and good will win. This is the place which contains a very great memory of the genocide”, the Armenian President said.

The President stated that genocide is not only killing the people, it’s not an organized crime which aims at killing only a nation, an ethnic group or people with special differences. “It’s an anti-tolerant action aimed at eliminating history, culture, art and knowledge. In other words, it’s a broader disaster, a bigger and more serious crime than just a human loss”, he said.

In his family’s example Armen Sarkissian told how Armenians saved the most expensive – the literature during the genocide. “My grandmother, who was from a rich family living in the Ottoman Empire, left everything and went when the genocide started. When I was young, she was telling me that they left everything, didn’t take anything with them, even clothes or jewelry, but she has taken the most valuable for her – her son and the Bible. These two were the most valuable for her. Unfortunately, she lost her son on the way to Etchmiadzin, but brought the Bible with her. It exists till now and contains not only a history of 450 years, but a history of a child, who lost the memory, a child who never grew up and brought his contribution to art, culture, business, politics, never had children or grandchildren. This is a living memory, a temple of light”, he said. “We are a small country, but a global nation. The whole world knows Armenians as hard-working, honest, very patriotic people who live in different countries, are good citizens of these countries and contribute to the success of these countries. They cherish the pain, but at the same time the dignity and pride that we can win the evil. And this structure is the evidence of this, which preserves important values, such values which should have been eliminated, which were under target, but they have not been eliminated”, the President noted.

He told the Forum participants that Armenia, a country facing the most serious and bad crime, is ready to make efforts for light and against evil.


Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan    


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