PM satisfied over 2017 agriculture development figures of Tavush province

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 26, ARMENPRESS. Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan on February 24 visited Tavush province to get acquainted with the results of activities taken in accordance with sectors within the frames of the 2017 province and community development programs, as well as the steps for 2018, the government told Armenpress.

Introducing the 2017 macroeconomic indicators of Tavush province, Governor Hovik Abovyan said the agricultural lands in the province comprise 111000 hectares. As a result of the community enlargement process, the number of communities reduced to 24 from 62. The gross industrial production volume comprised 13.7 billion drams in 2017 compared to 12 billion drams of 2016, the gross agricultural production volume amounted to 39.7 billion drams compared to the 41.3 billion drams of 2016. The trade turnover comprised 33.5 billion drams compared to  29.7 billion drams of 2016, the service volume comprised 14.2 billion drams against the 10.7 billion drams of 2016,  and the construction volume comprised 17.3 billion drams compared to 12.5 billion drams in 2016.

The Governor added that the export volume in 2017 comprised 8 billion AMD, exceeding the figure of 2016 by more than two times. The same picture was in terms of investments: the volume in 2017 comprised 23.3 billion AMD (800 jobs), compared to 10.1 billion AMD (625 jobs) of 2016. This year it is expected to ensure 28.15 billion AMD investments and create 885 jobs.

Presenting the figures in the field of tourism, Governor Hovik Abovyan said the number of tourists visiting the province in 2017 comprised 120.000 people which is more than by 25.000 from the figure of 2016. But as for this year the province plans to host up to 135.000 tourists.

He informed that over the recent years, large-scale programs on establishing greenhouses, gardens and reprocessing production units are being implemented in the sphere of agriculture in the province. In 2016 675 tons of fruits were exported to Russia, but in 2017 this number was 1715, and for 2018 it is expected to export up to 2700 tons of fruits. This year quite a great growth in the field of agriculture is expected: in 2017 2.8 billion AMD investments were made in the sector, and in 2018 it is expected to make 5.6 billion AMD investments, 5-7% growth is forecast.

The PM expressed satisfaction over the progress recorded in the province in the sphere of agriculture, stating that this year much more growth should be ensured taking into account the current trends. It was reported that there was no problem with consumption. PM Karapetyan expressed satisfaction over the works done in agriculture in 2017 and the recorded results calling on not to stop and further continue the activities.

It was reported that the share of own revenues per capita in the overall revenues comprised 25.7% in 2017 compared to 22.2% of 2016. In 2018 it is expected to reach this figure to 30.6%.

“Last year we had a great growth across the Republic. In 2016 we were collecting 800 million drams, were subsidizing 2.7 billion drams and were spending 3.5 billion drams. This year we plan to collect 3.7 billion drams and spend 3.5 billion drams. We provide some orientations, but you should decide your tariffs”, the PM said and tasked to submit the information to the ministry of territorial administration and development.

The total amount of paid services provided by 4 medical centers of the province comprised 432.5 million drams in 2017 compared to 353.4 million drams of 2016. In 2018 it is planned to reach this number to 507 million drams. The PM highlighted the importance of health insurance and stated: “We cannot have a good healthcare system without insurance. The state should have a concrete program so that we will be attentive to this issue of territorial development”, the PM noted.

As for the developments in the education sector, the PM was reported that robotics laboratories were established in the 27 schools of the province, mainly in rural communities. Foreign languages are taught in all schools. The PM welcomed the activities carried out so far attaching importance to providing children with the necessary educational opportunities for their comprehensive development.

During the consultation a number of other issues relating to the effective management of community, provincial and republican property, number of construction permissions and construction volume, finding non-standard solutions to renovation of inter-community roads were discussed.  

English – translator/editor: Aneta Harutyunyan


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