Azerbaijan overtly pursues genocidal policy for 30 years – former Ombudsman

Armenpress 17:45, 13 February, 2018

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 13, ARMENPRESS. Former Ombudsman of Armenia, Chairperson of “Against Legal Arbitrariness” NGO Larisa Alaverdyan documents that the Artsakh (Karabakh) Movement was the consequence of the unbearable oppressions that Armenians in Artsakh and Soviet Azerbaijan were subjected to.  Larisa Alaverdyan told the reporters at the media hall of ARMENPRESS news agency that there is misperception that the persecutions and hostile attitude towards Armenians in Soviet Azerbaijan were the reaction of Azerbaijanis to the Artsakh Movement. “There is a wrong perception and it seems the general approach is that those brutalities took place as an answer to Karabakh Movement. Today it’s of key importance for Armenians to make clear that the Artsakh Movement was the reaction to those oppressions that had already grown unbearable”, Alaverdyan said, adding that Azerbaijanis had succeeded in getting rid of Armenians in Nakhichevan but had failed to do the same in Artsakh.

She added that the Armenian massacres in Sumqayit took place not only on February 27-29, 1988, as it has been recorded, but continued afterwards. “At that time no one in the Soviet Union could realize that all those were not a usual operation, but was the exposure of the strategic goals of Azerbaijan set back in 1918. And it’s not accidental that today Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev makes explicit announcements about their strategic goals”, she said.

The former Ombudsman of Armenia notes that the Sumqayit massacres are well documented – there have been trials, testimonies but neither political nor legal assessments have been given to those events so far. “The Sumqayit massacres did not last three days, neither three years. It’s already 30 years this genocidal policy is being pursued overtly, and unfortunately, no adequate political assessment is given to this policy”, Larisa Alaverdyan emphasized.

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