Azerbaijani president’s announcements become subject of laughter

Armenpress 21:08, 8 February, 2018

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 8, ARMENPRESS. The announcements of Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev about “making Yerevan an Azerbaijani city”, or presenting Yerevan as a “historical city of Azerbaijan” become a subject of ridicule and laughter, expert in oriental studies Vardan Voskanyan told ARMENPRESS.

Ilham Aliyev urged to exert more pressure on Armenia and made some other uproarious announcements during the 6th congress of “Yeni Azərbaycan” party.

“This is another senseless announcement made by the dictator of Azerbaijan. It’s obvious that Aliyev’s outcries “to return to Yerevan” or “making Yerevan an Azerbaijani city” are aimed at ensuring the backward classes of Azerbaijan that their president is capable of taking serious measures to solve problems with Armenia by force. Any normal person who more-or less knows the Azerbaijanis and that country knows that Yerevan has never been Azerbaijani. Yerevan has its clear history and its known to the world, and by similar announcement Aliyev just raises his reputation among backward people”, Voskanyan said, adding that normal people even in Azerbaijan do not believe those announcements.

Vice President of the National Assembly of Armenia Eduard Sharmazanov also assesses Aliyev’s announcements as senseless and ridiculous. In an interview with ARMENPRESS Sharmazanov compared the content of Aliyev’s announcements with the announcements of the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler.

“It’s funny when the president of the country, that has not a history of even 100 years, speaks about historical lands. It’s senseless to give some advice to Aliyev, but anyway, he should read ancient historians, for example Strabo, to gain some knowledge about the ancient roots of Armenia and Armenians”, the Vice President of the National Assembly said.

He also called on the Heads of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-chair countries and the entire international community to focus on Aliyev’s announcements and draw relevant conclusions.



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