Interview with “Wikipedian of the year” 2015: Armenian Wikipedia - exemplar for colleagues

YEREVAN, AUGUST 26, ARMENPRESS.  Wiki projects have become more and more popular in Armenia during recent years. The later creates a chain leading to success. The most obvious achievement is the increasing number of articles in Wikipedia which is already over 180 thousand moving Armenia forward in the region. The appreciation of the experience of Armenian Wikipedians is also a success. However, the ultimate achievement is the prize “Wikipedian of the year” awarded to Susanna Mkrtchyan, President of “Wikimedia Armenia” scientific-educational NGO. “Armenpress” presents interview with Susanna Mkrtchyan.

Armenian Wikipedia is a model for other Wiki communities

Generally the heads of Wiki communities of all the countries accept that Armenia is the most active one when considered from the point of view of the activities. There are numerous new projects like “Wiki Camps”, “One Armenian, One Article”, “Wiki loves science”.

The number of articles exceeds 182 thousand and the editors’ team is being expanded 

Currently the number of the articles is 182 thousand. Now we are more concentrated on the quality rather than the quantity. There is another indicator that’s not so good in Armenia – the number of users. This means that part of the articles is not read and we must work on the articles that are demanded. The most important ones are the educational materials. That’s why we initiated “Wiki loves science” series.

Armenian and universal topics in Wikipedia

The Armenian topics are in a good condition and we dedicated a month to the Genocide, and then digitalized and introduced the encyclopedia on Wikisource.  The topics in Armenian referring to foreign countries, geographical ones are also in a good condition.  The articles on Biology, Psychology, Medicine, and Physics are being developed as we have many good editors in those fields.

We are of course in need of universal educational materials. The movement of Wikipedia editors is politically neutral and universal values are very important for them. They attach great importance to genocide topics to bring up their children right and prevent the rise of a second Hitler.

Plans for the future

This year “Wiki loves science” will take a good turn; there will be prizes to integrate also the adults. The editors who had a significant contribution will have a possibility of participating in Wikimania in Italy. “Wiki loves monuments” project will start in September and I urge everyone to join the project as the latter has social orientation.

I also call on everybody to replenish Wikisoruce with other photos in addition to the photos of monuments.

There will be numerous surprises in the near future which I will not reveal now. I promise we’ll have projects which will be instructive for other Wiki communities as well.

P.S. Incidentally August 26 is Susanna Mkrtchyan’s birthday. 

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