Erna Yuzbashyan to come back with Amirkhanyan's repertoire

Armenpress 11:50, 20 August, 2013

LOS ANGELES, AUGUST 20, ARMENPRESS. Erna Yuzbashyan's name is inseparably connected with the best traditions of the Armenian variety art both in Armenia and beyond its borders. The popular singer, who has settled in the United States since 1994, is not fond of being praised, despite the fact that she has passed a way full of professional success and creative achievements. Instead, she prefers direct personal intercourse. "Armenpress" introduces an interview with the prominent Armenian singer dedicated to a vast variety of issues.

- Erna, what was Your reaction when You received the invitation to participate in "Music Week in Yerevan" program?

- Director and showman Emil Karat sent me the invitation. He is the creative Manager of the program. They are introducing the aforesaid program in association with the Head of "Forpostart" company Zara Mkheyan. I know Emil for a very long time. He was a student of mine in the Yerevan State Jazz College. Frankly speaking I am very touched and I am hopeful that "Music Week in Yerevan" will become a good tradition. I hope this contact with music will grant the people a piece of happiness, so to speak.

If not this event, maybe I would not have a chance to perform Amirkhanyan's works. Who knows? I want to introduce his songs very much. I performed Amirkhanyan’s works in various international contests until 1987.

- So, You'll introduce new repertoire in comparison with Your previous concert. What was Your impression from the 2010 concert?

- I had a feeling that something was not expressed, because of the lack of Amirkhanyan's works. That was my repertoire. Maybe it was my mistake that those works were not included in my previous concert. I am very sorry that I did not oppose to Amirkhanyan's categorical decision not to perform his songs. Notwithstanding, generally the impressions were positive. I am satisfied, I should have done it and I did it. I'll introduce some new songs from my last album. Also the audience will have a chance to listen to Elvina Makaryan's songs as well. (THE FULL VERSION OF THE INTERVIEW IS AVAILABLE IN ARMENIAN)

Interview by Tatevik Grigoryan

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