George Garanyan's widow on her husband's love towards Armenia

Armenpress 10:19, 12 February, 2013

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 12, ARMENPRESS. George Garanyan's name is linked to the history of the Soviet jazz. His music sounds in more than 50 movies. Notwithstanding the legendary jazzman, People's Artist of Russia passed away from cardiac arrest at the age of 75 in 2010, the musical heritage he left to the generations is inestimable. "Armenpress" had a conversation with George Garanyan's widow Nelli Garanyan about the activity of the foundation after George Garanyan and his love towards Armenia.

- In the end of 2012 George Garanyan’s foundation and “Accord” music store initiated an action aimed to support the regional musical libraries of Russia. Will the foundation implement programs in Armenia?

- Sure, we would love to cooperate with Armenia, but the matter is that there is a lack of initiative. I personally have no contacts with Armenia. Notwithstanding, George was dreaming about taking me to Armenia and showing everything there. We would love to cooperate with the Armenian society, cultural, and governmental figures and give concerts in Armenia. Eventually the "Garanyan" family cannot be against the cooperation with Armenia.

- Once Garanyan noted: "Look at my nose and you will know everything about the Armenian element of my biography." In addition he noted that he is a master in making traditional Armenian tolma. What Armenian traditions your family keeps until now?

- By all means I could not compete with him in making tolma. I always follow attentively all the events in Armenia. For instance, Sergey Manukyan is our favorite musician and George always used to say that is one of the unique musicians to work on the international level. As to the traditions, which are preserved in distant Armenian villages, than I should say that they are not followed in our family, as we have a modern family, although one cane find all the attributes of the Armenian household in our family. We have two pictures with Ararat hanged in our house. Actually he had a very gentle attitude towards his Armenian roots and cherished immense love towards Armenia and everything relating to Armenia.

- Did Your husband use any Armenian expression while talking to You?


Interview by Tatevik Grigoryan

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