The Prime Minister expressed condolences to the family members of Sona Mnatsakanyan, who was run over yesterday

Armenpress 20:34, 27 April, 2022

YEREVAN, APRIL 27, ARMENPRESS. Taron Chakhoyan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, responded to a number of questions in the context of discussions on the April 26 accident at the Leo-Paronyan intersection, ARMENPRESS reports Taron Chakhoyan first answered the question why the Prime Minister's column did not stop to help the woman who was run over after the incident.

"At the time of the collision, the Prime Minister's car was about 100-150 meters away from the scene. The moment of the collision did not and could not be seen from his car. The Prime Minister's car passed the scene a few seconds after the incident. The Prime Minister was not aware and could not be informed what exactly happened. Noticing the woman when passing by the scene of the accident, the Prime Minister instructed to call an ambulance and find out what happened. The ambulance arrived minutes later. The Prime Minister was informed about the runover by the traffic police accompanying car as soon as he reached the National Assembly, after which he gave relevant instructions to the Minister of Health and law enforcement," Chakhoyan wrote on his Facebook page.

Taron Chakhoyan also responded to the question why the traffic police officers did not stop to provide first aid. Chakhoyan noted that if the car of the battalion accompanying the traffic police stopped, the whole column would stop, closing all the traffic on the street and causing additional traffic jams in the adjacent streets, thus preventing the ambulance from approaching the scene and the victim.

"Also taking into account such circumstances, according to the internationally accepted regulations, the vehicles accompanying the column of heads of state (in this case, the traffic police) do not have the right to stop in an unplanned place, even in case of accidents," Chakhoyan wrote.

Chakhoyan also said that the Prime Minister had a telephone conversation with Sona Mnatsakanyan's father, expressed his condolences to him and his family members, expressed his sorrow and regret over the incident, and assured that an objective investigation will be carried out.

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